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Course Curriculam

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable
content of a page when looking at its layout.

Week One :Getting Started

  • What is Motion Graphic Design?
  • Fundamentals of Motion Graphics
  • Tools for Motion Graphic Design?
  • What’s possible with After Effects
  • After Effects system requirements
  • How to get and install After Effects
  • Difference between Latest and Older version

Week Two :: Getting to Know the Workflow

  • How After Effects Works
  • Overview of panels
  • Creating a project and importing footage
  • Creating a composition and arranging layers
  • Adding effects and modifying layer properties
  • Animating the composition
  • Previewing your work
  • Optimizing performance in After Effects
  • Customizing workspaces
  • Controlling the brightness of the user interface

Week Three : Creating a Basic Animation

  • Importing media
  • Importing multilayered photoshop and illustrator files
  • homeCreating a new composition
  • Section Intro (Animation With Keyframes)
  • Concept Of Keyframe Timing Rules
  • Shape animation Preview
  • Scene Setup For Shape Animations
  • Scale-Keyframing For Shape animations
  • Position, Rotation-Keyframing For Shape animations
  • Object Along Path Animation Preview
  • Adding Trim Paths To Path Animation
  • Adding Copy Paths To Ellipse Animation
  • Liquid Shape Fill Animation Preview

Week Four : Creating Liquid Shape Fill Animation Using Shapes And Solid Layers

  • Section Intro (Using Shapes And Solid Layers)
  • Difference Of Shapes And Solid Layer
  • Adding Footage With Solid And Shapes
  • Cool Moving Footage With Shape
  • Using Layer Styles With Shapes And Solid

Week Five :Animating Text

  • About text layers
  • Creating and formatting point text vs paragraph text
  • Using a text animation preset
  • Text on a path
  • Animating imported Photoshop text
  • Animating text using a path animation preset
  • Using a text animators
  • Adding properties
  • Adding a range selector
  • Using a text animator group
  • Creating Morph With Shapes Layer

Week Six : Other Effects

  • Time remapping
  • Motion sketch
  • The smoother
  • The wiggler
  • Auto orient
  • Splitting a layer
  • Adjustment layers
  • The effects and presets panel

Week Seven : Section Intro
(Cinematic Film Intro)

  • Section Intro (Cinematic Film Intro)
  • Creating Scene And Film Bar
  • Animating Text Mask With Video
  • Animating Text Behind The Mountain
  • Mobile App User Design And Animation 0/10
  • Section Intro (App Animation)
  • Creating App Interface Shape
  • Creating App Interface Text
  • Creating Cloud Icon Shape
  • Creating Star And Moon Icon
  • Creating Sun Icon For Day Tab
  • Using Parent And Shy Layers
  • Animating The Tab Shapes
  • Animating The Tab Icons
  • Animating Iphone With Reflaction

Week Eight : Using Illustrator & Photoshop With After Effects

  • Section Intro (Illustrator With After Effects)
  • Copy Vector Path Ai To AE
  • Creating Shapes In Illustrator
  • Importing AI File And Arrange
  • Masking And Adding Video In Layer
  • Masking And Adding More Videos
  • Animating Dot Line and Video Shape
  • Creating and arranging layers in Photoshop
  • Importing PSD as composition
  • Working with the layers in After Effects

Week Nine : Working Motion Tracking

  • Section Intro (Motion Tracking)
  • Adding Footage For tracking
  • Creating Track Point In Footage
  • Adding CallOuts In Track Data

Week Ten : Exporting Animation

  • Exporting H.264 Codec
  • Exporting with Transparent
  • Exporting Image Sequence
  • Exporting tips and technique

Week Eleven : Making Visual Effects
Using Footage

  • Section Intro (VFX Using Green Screen)
  • Creating Visual FX Tornado
  • Creating Fireball Fx In The Ground
  • Creating Transformer Car FX
  • Creating Day to Night Scene Fx

Week Twelve : Career Guideline
To Be Successful

  • How To Build Your Dream Career
  • Working In Freelancing
  • Find High-Demand Jobs In Upwork
  • Get Tons of Jobs In Fiverr
  • Success Tips (Animated)

Course Mentor

Sagor Chandra Sur

Motion Animator

Sagor Sur is a professional freelance Motion Designer with 7 years experience in animation and graphic design. He also act as a lead trainer and have a great training experience on these field. He successfully completed more than 800 animation project in Fiverr. 

Course Fees


6000 BDT

50% Off

Important Notice:
100% Scholarship for the physically challenged People

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